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“Eating is an agricultural act and producing is a gastronomic act.”

Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food
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What would you like to eat?

When you do your shopping, you are also deciding what food will be produced. As far as our farm is concerned, when rearing, milking and making our dairy and meat products, we think of you cooking. What’s on our menu? Have a look!

Latte Nobile

Our Noble Milk tastes and smells good, it is healthy and made treating cows and environment with respect.

How is that possible? Thanks to the “Grass Revolution”: the cows are fed a diet full of many different forages, which account for at least 70% of what they receive daily. Neither GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) nor silage (fermented forage) are included. This is why the milk is more nutritious, with a more balanced Omega 6/Omega 3 ratio.


We use our own milk, sometimes the Latte Nobile, to make raw-milk artisan cheeses.

You will find typical national cheeses, those from our local tradition and some exclusive to Ca’ Donadel. They are all artisan cheeses, made without any preservative or other synthetic products. In fact, we have gone back to using home-made culture starters, so that the cheeses are as natural as possible.


Creamy yogurts, for drinking or eating spoon after spoon, made with Latte Nobile.

We follow the artisan recipe that gives our yogurt the time it needs to go through the natural process that will lead to the right consistency, with no unnatural modifications, but with quality ingredients. And you can choose from many different flavours.


With the Latte Nobile from our farm, we make natural fresh gelati every day.

It is a tasty “farm” gelato, healthy and nutritious, with the fragrance of the grass and hays grown in our fields in keeping with nature. To make it we use fruits, spices and other yummy ingredients, selected, once again, thinking of nature, together with only our Latte Nobile, produced daily by our cows.


You will find meat from our own cattle, born and proudly reared here – fresh, controlled and good meat.

Our beef cattle live in clean and adequate spaces, have straw to rest upon, graze when it is possible, drink our spring water and eat well – sorghum, maize, lucerne and hays… almost all home-grown. This makes sure the rich and intense taste of our meat is 100% guaranteed.


Natural cured Italian meat salumi, with just salt and pepper, made according to our rural tradition, sometimes to our own family recipes.

Our natural salumi are made traditionally, with meat form our pigs. We use Tellicherry black pepper and salt from Cervia, without adding any preservative or microrganism (starter). In this way me make both the typical regional salumi: salami and sopressa with and without garlic; and our own by Ca’ Donadel: beef Carne Salada (literally “Salty Meat”), pork and beef Bresaola and steer sausages.

And there is more!

You can find ready-made meals by Ca’ Donadel. Our meals are made with great care and are tasty and natural. Because we know the importance of a balanced diet and of being aware of what we eat. Don’t think this is all we do – we are always introducing new ideas! Keep your eyes open!