On the farm

We keep the rural culture alive and live accordingly

Ca' Donadel

Values, traditions and evolution

We started with our grandparents’ patch of land, and never stopped having respect for it. Indeed, the more respect for the land, the more it gives you back. You will have to work hard, always, but also be rewarded with time for celebration. A modern agriculture has to be sustainable, with complete cycles within few kilometres. We use our 100 hectares of permanent grassland, cereals and other crops to produce 90% of our dairy and beef cattle and pigs’ feed, with the animals grazing right here in summer. This is where we make all our products, and this is where we sell them, welcoming our customers that come and visit us. We do all that right here, on the farm.

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La Bottega

Buy quality cured Italian salumi and other meats, dairy products and ready-made meals, and enjoy traditional recipes.

If you come and visit, you will also be able to buy our dairy and meat-based products and treat yourselves to our ready-made meals. At La Bottega you can ask any questions you like about our food – we want you to enjoy it to the full!


El Barco

When you come here, it’s always a celebration! For you, gelati and cicchetti.

Our “farm” gelati are natural, tasty, nutritious and made daily with the Latte Nobile (Noble Milk) from our cows. The traditional counter snacks called cicchetti, made with our cheeses and cured Italian meat salumi, are echoes of El Marendin, the farmers’ afternoon snack of the past. At El Barco, you can have some nibbles, your snack or aperitif, outside or indoors.

La Fattoria didattica

Guided tours, workshops, birthday parties, theme days.

Among the things we do at Ca’ Donadel, there is our farm school called CampoAtavola, officially recognised by the Veneto Region. It is the result of a firm choice we made to increase people’s awareness of how vital it is to know more about our environment, agricolture, farms and food. We organise and personalise educational visits and experince-based tours for schools, families and groups of children and guests of any age read the article in ITA)..


The farm

Quality meat comes from an animal that lived a good life. There is nothing else to say.

Rearing animals well is fundamental. We feed our dairy and beef cattle and pigs with sorghum, maize, lucerne and hays, grown in the fields surrounding the farm. The water comes from our own source. In winter, our animals have big and clean barns provided with straw for resting; in summer, they graze the fields, which are never treated with chemicals – this is why our meat is tasty, naturally.