About us

We aim to raise people’s awareness of what they choose to eat!

Ca' Donadel
Ca' Donadel - La nuova agricoltura

Dreamers in a very practical family

Every day, we work to have a positive impact on the environment, to be a centre where people can meet and talk about food and culture transparently, while rediscovering our rural culture, its values, traditions and evolution. Because you live your dreams by doing.

It’s a long rural history

Our farm has its beginnings in a time when the Veneto Region was a poor farming area, when the only security you had was a patch of land to work. It was in 1815 when the Donadel family first saw the land close to the Zero river, where we still are. Back then, we were sharecroppers contracted by the Counts of the Marcello family. Then the farm was rented, but now, thanks to our parents, Teresa Marangon and Pietro Donadel, and our uncle, Luigi Donadel, we own this place. We are still devoted to the land, from which we have learnt how to be determined and committed, practical without loosing hope, able to accept and build our future.

Ongoing collaborations

Declaration of conformity

Biodiversity Friend®

We manage our farm according to the environmental, social and economic sustainability criteria of the “Biodiversity Friend®” protocol. We were successfully assessed on the base of the “Biodiversity Friend®” Standard procedure, owned by  World Biodiversity Association Onlus.
This means that we safeguard the fertility of soil, agricultural biodiversity, hedges, woods and nectariferous species and the water and air quality. Also, we commit ourselves to reducing our energy and water consumptions, and we adopt a farming system that is sustainable in the long term.

Noble Milk

Consorzio Me.No

We are active part of Consorzio Me.No, short for Consorzio Nazionale Metodo Nobile (literally “National Consortium Noble Method”), as we produce certified Latte Nobile (Noble Milk). Me.No is a quality production system based on transparency values, and according to which the enrolled farms have to follow specific product specification criteria, to fulfil the consumers’ needs.


Verified Quality label

We boast that we produce our meat according to the marchio QV, Qualità Verificata (literally “Verified Quality label”), an award scheme ensuring the consumers that the production meets the product specification criteria established by the Veneto Region, with special attention given to:

  • Respect for animal welfare
  • Feeding systems based on cereals
  • Monitoring the entire production chain

European project SusCatt

We are taking part in a European project called  SusCatt in collaboration with the Departement of Animal Medicine, Production and Health (MAPS) of the University of Padova for “Increasing productivity, resource efficiency and product quality to increase the economic competitiveness of forage and grazing based cattle production systems – SusCatt”. Read the article (ITA).

Local farms

Farms of flavours from Veneto

With other local farms, we have formed a group called Fattorie dei Sapori Veneti  (literally “Farms of flavours from Veneto”) to promote and train for the production of natural cheeses and salumi (cured Italian meats).


Bio Fattoria Rio Selva e OLTRECONFIN

We team up with the organic farm Bio Fattoria Rio Selva and the local production and distribution network OLTRECONFIN, Distretto di economia solidale, to promote and provide our territory with healthy and locally made quality food.

The New agriculture:
where men and nature meet

The agriculture of the future

Will have roots that grow deep into the earth and into our ancestors’ traditions
allowing us to reap new  cultural, social and economic harvests.
It won’t happen today, nor tomorrow, but soon, thanks to the work of everyone for our land, our Country, the entire world.

The economy of the future

Will be circular,  as it has always been in the countryside,
where nothing goes to waste, but everything is honoured for what it can offer 
through every stage of its life, from the land to the land,
year after year, in a never-ending cycle

The food of the future

Will be  good, natural and fair, never simplistically “quality” food.
It won’t be turned into raw material for commodification, but into dishes
with no unnatural modifications or chemical additives, and whose flavour
springs from the earth and the region, using ancient, plain and simple recipes
that respect the seasons, the environment and the animals.

The farmers of the future

Will be recognised for the efforts with which their ideas
and the work of their hands produce something truly valuable.
Within a circular economy, they will receive an appropriate reward for their hard work
allowing them to lead a decent life.

The society of the future

Will be aware we are all interconnected, that everything we do has consequences for our future. It will understand that life is not a big industrial project run by few people – that it is farmers who take care of nature and the biodiversity that surround us. Farmers are the means by which men and nature come together in harmony, rather than collide and crash.

The farm we already have

Works hard to build this future every day, doing its bit,
committed to ensure we have a positive impact on the environment,
to be a centre where people meet to talk and learn about food and ecology transparently,
while  rediscovering our rural culture, its values, traditions and evolution.